Solo Jazz 1 with Melissa Marzigliano

It goes by many names — Vernacular Jazz, Authentic Jazz, Vintage Jazz (or as the legendary Al Minns preferred: Basic Jazz). Whatever you call it, it’s a blast! Feel comfortable in your body and build confidence in your solo movement. Along the way, we’ll cover essential jazz vocabulary that will make your partner dancing more creative, and learning routines easier!


in June. we are learning "Mama's Stew" This fun, short , energetic routine has become part of our weekly warmup. Here is your chance to master it!

Prerequisites:  None. We start from scratch!

Class Format: Month-long progressive, starts the first Thursday of every month

Time & Place: 7:10 pm to 8:00 pm Thursdays at LindyGroove

Price: $60 per month (In 4 Thursday months or adjusted accordingly) 

  • Includes DJed Dancing in two rooms 9pm - midnight.
  • ‚ÄčNo walk-ins. Must be purchased online before Thursday. (Wednesday 11:59pm)
  • Purchase at least 2 days before the first class (by Tuesday 11:59 PM) and save $5. 
  • For a synergistic combination take Solo Jazz 1 at 7:10pm as your warmup for this class. ;o) Just add both to your cart before checkout.
  • Approved masks required.
  • Vaccination required. Limited capacity
  • On your first visit show your vaccination card, photo ID and LindyGroove QR Code. Once we add your photo to your account you will check-in with only your QR code. Super speedy like a Disney Annual Pass!

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