Solo Jazz 1 with Christine Nguyen
Join Christine in this interactive series class that focuses on the basics of solo jazz movement! This class is progressive, meaning that the material builds on itself each week to maximize your learning! This class is perfect for those looking to hone their solo jazz technique. 

Prerequisites: None, but if you are completely new to dancing, we recommend taking Solo Fundamentals at least twice, or until you are comfortable with the material. If the series has already started, we recommend taking Solo Fundamentals until the next month starts. ​

Class Format: 1-Month Progressive series, starts the first Thursday of every month 
Time: Thursday at 6pm PST 
We start the meeting at 5:45pm PST so you can stretch with us ;o)
Place: Online Zoom Meeting ​(The Zoom link is instantly emailed to you when you register)


Note: Each month we will revisit solo dance basics, new steps, variations, and classic line dances, depending on the month’s topic. A complete Solo Jazz education consists of 6 topics lasting 1 month each. Start any month. If you miss a month, not to fear — that topic will come back around in 5 months!

Jazz Vocabulary: Tranky Doo focus January / July 
Line Dance: The Tranky Doo February / August 
Charleston Rythmns March / September
Charleston Patterns April / October
Jazz Vocabulary: Shim Sham focus May / November
Line Dance: The Shim Sham June / December

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