Solo Jazz 1 with Christine Nguyen

It goes by many names — Vernacular Jazz, Authentic Jazz, Vintage Jazz (or as the legendary Al Minns preferred: Basic Jazz). Whatever you call it, it’s a blast! Feel comfortable in your body and build confidence in your solo movement. Along the way, we’ll cover essential jazz vocabulary that will make your partner dancing more creative, and learning routines easier!

October's Topic: Charleston! The Charleston craze defined the Roaring Twenties, and still remains one of the world's most recognizable dances. Genius in its simplicity, it's an infectious rhythm that works with nearly any kind of music (don't believe us? Check out CardioGroove!) We'll cover basic 20s and 30s Charleston along with some fun moves like Hitchhikers and Scarecrows.

Solo Jazz -AND- Lindy 1 are Charleston-themed this month! Taking both classes is highly recommended to understand the dance from a solo and partnered perspective.

Prerequisites: None. We start from scratch!

Class Format: Month-long progressive, starts the first Thursday of every month

Time & Place: 7:10 pm to 8:00 pm Thursdays in the main ballroom 

Price: $60 per month (In 4 Thursday months or adjusted accordingly) 

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