LINDY 1 with Christine Nguyen & Keegan Mullen

Learn the Lindy Hop “basic step” — the swingout — along with new steps and variations depending on the month’s topic. For a complete Lindy 1 education, we recommend repeating Lindy 1 for at least 6 months in tandem with consistent social dance practice.

October's Topic: Charleston! Lindy Hop is a melting pot, and Charleston is one of the main ingredients. Learn both 20s and 30s partnered Charleston to add variety to your basics — especially when the music gets fast!

Solo Jazz -AND- Lindy 1 are Charleston-themed this month! Taking both classes is highly recommended to understand the dance from a solo and partnered perspective.

SOLD OUT Lindy 1 for October 2021. Please email us at to be placed on the waiting list

Prerequisites: Pre-Lindy Crash Course

Class Format: Month-long progressive, instructors’ choice of monthly topic. Start the first Thursday of any month
Time & Place: 8:10 - 9:00pm Thursdays in the Grand Ballroom (includes DJed practice* in 2 rooms 9:00pm until midnight)

Price: $60 per month (In 4 Thursday months or adjusted accordingly) 


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