Lindygroove DJs

Brian Abe (San Diego) has DJed at many events and clubs including the FireHouse in San Diego.

Hilary Alexander (Los Angeles) been a vital part of the LA swing scene for over ten years, and is the creator of Camp Hollywood and the National Jitterbug Championships, as well as the vocalist for Jonathan Stout's Campus Five and The Jonathan Stout Orchestra. The daughter of a jazz pianist, Hilary was raised to have a great appreciation of the music of the swing era and a desire to spread the love of this music through her DJing, event, and band.

Paul Almazan (Echo Park) His life has always been a reflection of his love for music. He has been a musician since the age of four and continues to fuel that passion for music through swing dancing and playing drums for Media Orphan. Paul possesses a large range of musical taste that will definitely be reflected in his DJ sets. At Memories in Whittier Paul began to DJ on Monday night’s open call to DJ’s and eventually took a monthly spot on Friday nights. He has also had the privilege to DJ at the Vegas Exchange the last two years, Swingin’ the New Year, The Sacramento Lindy Exchange, The 24 Hour Dance-a-thon, The Jam, Third Saturday Swing, and The Firehouse. Paul has been the guest DJ at Joe's Bar and Grill on Tuesday night. Paul lives in Echo Park.

Jeramie Anderson (Austin) has been Lindy Hopping for a little over three years obsessively and is one of the founders of, one of Austin's newest dance companies. Jeramie currently DJs around Texas for The Austin Swing Syndicate (a non profit swing organization), San Antonio Swing Dance Society, and The Jazz Cafe (one of Austin's weekly LindyHop venues). He recently DJed for the Austin Lindy Exchange, New Orleans Lindy Gras,the Texas Swing Riots, Djed at Swing Break in San Diego, and at the Santa Barbara Lindy Exhange. Jeramie draws his musical interest from about seventeen years of drumming experience, the last eight or so in Big Band Jazz and Swing, Electric Blues, and Texas Blues.

Giselle Anguizola (San Diego) is a student and preservationist of classic Jazz. Her research has focused on the beginnings of Jazz through the swing era, where she has learned not only about the music of the time, but also about the lives of the musicians. As a dancer, she has a thorough knowledge of what Lindy Hoppers enjoy dancing to; and is also accommodating to peoples' tastes. She has traveled to numerous Jazz festivals and dejayed all over the world at several exchanges, camps, and events. As a passionate Jazz aficionado, Giselle believes that improvisation is the bind that holds Jazz music and dance as one entity.

Kennly Asato (Seattle) likes music, bacon, and lindy-hop, but not necessarily in that order. She started DJing in Chicago back in 2003, and since then, has DJed in Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. She has DJ'ed at various exchanges around the country and has most recently been a guest DJ at Third Saturday Swing in Pasadena, CA.

Greg Avakian (Philadelphia) has been teaching Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing for over 10 years. Greg has taught or DJed in 9 Philly clubs and has taught workshops in 11 states as well as Europe and Canada. His local dance, The Philadelphia Lindy Project (PLP) is the most popular weekly dance in Philly and is dedicated to "Groove" Style Lindy.
This year Greg is invited to teach and/or DJ at: Bill Cameron's New Years Event (MA), The American Lindy Hop Championships (CT), Frankie Manning's birthday party (NYC), North Atlantic Dance Championships (NJ), Jitterbug Jam (CA), Montreal International Swing Dance Festival (Canada), Beantown (MA), Lincoln Center's midsummer night's swing (NYC), Boston Tea Party (MA) and more.

Grace Babbes was bitten by the Lindy Hop bug in 2012, and hasn’t stopped since!  She grew up loving jazz music and performing, but it wasn’t until she took her first Lindy class that she was able to put those two loves together.  Grace regularly social dances, teaches, performs, and competes around LA and Orange County, and is now bringing her musical style to DJing.  With a background in music theory, a love of big band, and an affinity for female vocalists, her DJing goal is to play classic danceable songs that get dancers of all levels to play and have fun, connecting to the music and each other. 

Jeremy Barwick (a.k.a. JB) has recently spent way too much money buying CDs, in a desperate attempt to sate his gnawing hunger for swing dance music. Though he finds himself hopelessly addicted to groovy music, he loves classic swing and hopes that someday, more dancers in his hometown of San Diego will embrace the faster, old school music from the golden era of lindy hop. He also hopes to one day be a really good lindy hopper, but until then, he is content to stumble around the dance floor making a fool of himself. He readily accepts donations to the "Jeremy Barwick CD Collection Fund."

Flo Batu (Paris) discovered swing dancing in 2005. Not very comfortable at the beginning, she found support in the familiar universe of jazz music. She grew up surrounded by this music as her father is a huge jazz fan! Naturally she started a music collection. She discovered the famous Count Basie, Fats Waller, Bilie Holliday, Benny Goodman but also other greats like Charlie Barnet, Roy Eldridge and so much more…This soon became a passion and her goal is to share the emotions she feels about swing music with the largest number of dancers! Her motto : « Get Rhythm in Your Feet and Music in Your Soul ! » (B. Goodman)

Katie Belsky (Los Angeles) started her love affair with dance back in 2004 when she fell head over heels for Lindy Hop. After training in a number of different dance styles, including West Coast Swing, Latin, and Ballroom, she discovered Blues in 2007. Her love of Blues cannot be contained, as she can be found organizing national Blues events as well as teaching and DJ-ing throughout Southern California. Katie loves to create a good time with music and adores all genres of Blues. Though her sets tend toward more traditional styles, she can bring some soul to the dance floor when needed. Katie hopes to spread her love of Blues faster than adorable kitten videos on YouTube!

James Bianco started dancing in 2003. He dabbled in ballroom dancing until he was introduced to Lindy Hop later that year. The combination of energetic music and the unique feel of a good swing out had him hooked in no time. This shifted his dance focus to Lindy Hop. As a DJ, he prefers to play standards from the 1930's and 1940's - songs with a strong, four on the floor feel, from a time where the music was made for Swing dancing. James is the manager and head DJ at The Southland Strutters' Ball in Placentia. James and his partner, Irina Amzashvili, teach people how to Swing dance both at Strutters' and at ATOMIC Ballroom in Irvine.

Mindaugas Bikauskas (Lithuania) (aka DJ Deeb) started DJ’ing in local, Lithuanian swing dancing events, and in 2008 he started djing at 'Herräng Dance Camp'. In 2009 DJ Deeb was invited to be the official staff DJ 'Dance Camp Herräng'. In 2010 he kept his career being DJ Coordinator assistant and staff DJ. Going deep into jazz, not only on the computer screen, but with street swing ensemble "Rhythm Junkies', that was founded by himself, Mindaugas, increasingly known as DJ John Deeb, career continues not only in Lithuania but also abroad.

Ron Bloom (San Diego) has been spinning swing music for three years. He can be heard regularly at the Firehouse. He's also played at Swingout Northwest, and exchanges in Denver and Chicago. Ron tastes aren't limited to any one style of swing, he plays anything that will get a crowd moving, from Jump Blues to Big Band to groovy jazz. His swing CD review website features reviews of over 400 Swing CDs and is a well-known source of information, recommendations and links for swing music lovers.  

Ross Blythe (Chicago) has been dancing since 2009, happily attending lindy hop, blues, and balboa events wherever he can find them. He has also DJ’ed and taught around the midwest, including stints in Canada and Scotland. The past couple years he has been an organizer for Swing Dancing at Fizz-Chicago’s longest running weekly lindy hop event, a regional blues DJ and instructor for Bluetopia, as well as a local Balboa DJ. 

Brien Brown (San Francisco) is a well travelled dancer and DJ who has been a part of events all over the world as well as being a popular DJ among the locals in Seattle. Spinning all kinds of swing music, he doesn't claim to be a historian by any measure; just likes to play music that gets people dancing and having a good time. Favorite artists include Duke, Count, The Lionel Hampton Big Band, Ella, Carmen Mcrae

Reuben Brown (Los Angeles) specializes in 1930's Jazz, the music of Harlem, and an all around Duke Ellington fanatic, Reuben has been DJing Swing and Jazz Music ALL eras for over 3 years... and dancing to it for over 5. From Los Angeles, to Houston, to Minneapolis, to Seattle, he has spun for a wide variety of dancers at numerous venues and special events.

Aaron Brown (Los Angeles) Aaron has been blues dancing for the last five years after falling in love with dance at the start of his time at Pomona College. He co-founded and ran Underground Blues, a blues scene at the Claremont Colleges, and currently teaches and DJs throughout Southern California. When he is not dancing alone in front of a mirror or surreptitiously finding new songs in an effort to maintain an air of omniscience, he is slaving away as an assistant to two Hollywood executives, hobnobbing with celebrities by scheduling their meetings and getting them coffee and desperately throwing himself in front of every official's car that comes out of a studio lot in an effort to get a sympathy promotion from one of them.

kristin buxton (Pasadena)  is one of the regular DJs in the Portland area. She started DJing early in 2001, not entirely voluntarily, but has
since decided that she really enjoys it. Besides DJing regularly at the Viscount Ballroom, she has made guest appearances in Seattle, Vancouver, and Denver.

Jake Canon I was first inspired by seeing Lindy Hop at Disneyland in June 2001. Five years later, I stepped foot in Lindygroove for my first ever night of dancing. Since then I have danced in numerous venues and cities, but Lindygroove will always be my home. I got my first go at blues dancing in October 2007 and I've been hooked ever since. Bringing my desired blues tunes to LindyGroove was a longtime goal and a dream come true.

Nicholas Centino (Santa Barbara) Nicholas "Niko" Centino began collecting old 78 and 45 RPM records as a teenager back in the 1990s. Since then, he has amassed a sprawling collection of music from the hot jazz, swing, R&B, and soul eras. A fixture in the “vintage” scenes of Los Angeles, Nicholas has a special ear for obscure but danceable tunes that are sure to be your new favorites.

Vicky Chan (Los Angleles) began her Lindy DJing career in 2007 with the help of many great DJs like Jesse Minor and Manu Smith. Over the years, she has accumulated many, many, gigabytes of music, while learning to appreciate different flavors of Jazz. Her favorite artists range from Jonathan Stout to Una Mae Carlisle.

Benji Cherney (Los Angeles) hails from Los Angeles, and currently resides here, although he started lindy hopping in San Francisco in 1996. It did not take long before he was completely obsessed with swing and jazz. One form of swing or another has always been a part of Benji's life, seeing as he spends his days as a PGA golf professional teaching at Valencia Country Club. He has DJed at The Dog House, The Metronome Ballroom, and was resident DJ and instructor at Café Cocomo. He has also DJed in Herrang, at Hop The Millenium, the 100 Club in London, and on JazzFM in Ireland. Benji's upcoming appearance at Lindygroove marks his triumphant return to one of his passions. 

Steve Conrad (Pheonix) has been teaching/performing Lindy hop and East Coast Swing for over 11 years. He has taught at the Desert Dance camp in Las Vegas and Laughlin, Carnage Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, Albuquerque, NM, and throughout Europe. He worked with the Mercury hip hop squad, the Phoenix Suns dancers, and the Arizona Sidewinders, teaching or performing at half time. He also performed with the Judds for the Millennium New Years Eve reunion (and taught Ashley Judd aerials backstage). Steve has taught more than 15,000 people how to dance through workshops and clubs, school districts, classes at Borders Books, and over 10 years of lindy hop classes in Arizona. He was also the promoter/DJ/instructor for the Bash on Ash for 5 years. In the past 11 years Steve has produced over 90 concerts including Indigo Swing, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Royal Crown Revue, Sam Butera (of Louis Prima fame), the Count Basie Tribute at the Biltmore Resort, and more. For 9 years he presented the "New Year Swing Jam" with Frankie Manning. Steve has been a jazz host on KJZZ 91.5 FM (NPR and Jazz ) for over 7 years and teaches jazz/dance history in schools.

Jeremy Cook (OC)  (a.k.a.  J.C.) Has been dancing lindy hop since 1991 and teaching since 1997. Learing to dance first from
Jonathan Bixby and Silvia Sykes, he has also studied with PBDA, Steven Mitchell, Ryan Francois, The Rhythm Hotshots, Frankie Manning, and many others. J.C., though Savoy style at heart, dances a unique blend of different lindy hop styles. A vital dancer and
teacher in the Sacramento/Davis swing scene, J.C. taught and DJed at many local venues. In 1999, J.C. left Northern California to take a Lindy hop specialist/dancer position in the Broadway-style show, "Work That Skirt" at the Reno Hilton, which ran for the year 2000. Now back at home in LA, JC continues to teach and promote Lindy hop and DJ at clubs, camps and exchanges locally and nationally.

Cat Cooper (San Luis Obisp) Bio coming soon...

Shawn Coyle (San Francisco) Bio coming soon...

John Croft Bio coming soon...

Jim Cruzen (San Diego) and Margie Adams have been dance partners for 3 years. They own 2toGroove Dance Instruction, teach full time, run one of San Diego's most popular venues "All Things Swing & More" and love it! These two can easily be described as extremely musical dancers and amazing teachers. As dancers, they're known for their creative style, effortless movement and incredible connection. As teachers, their patience, inspiration, and ability to "break it down" is well worth any dancers time. Together they have over 15 years of varied dance experience; 6 years of that in Lindy/Swing. Recognized as quality instructors, they have also taught on the national level over the past 2 years. Needless to say, they love it all. Their favorite dances include all styles of Lindy, Balboa, Carolina Shag, West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango. 
Additionally, Jim Cruzen deejays regularly in SD and loves to keep everyone on the dance floor. He also enjoys guest deejaying and looks to do more of it. From Big Band to Jump Blues, Dixieland to Funk, Groovie Blues to classic ol' skool... You never know what you're gonna get next! Whatever it takes to keep those happy feet movin'!  

Juan Cuadra (Los Angeles) fell in love with swing music at the age of 10 and after being introduced to Lindy Hop that accompanied this music in college, he immersed himself in all things swing, including the tenor saxophone. He began dj’ing at Lindy On Sproul in Berkeley and soon started dj’ing at venues in San Francisco such as the 9:20 Special, Cat’s Corner and Dancer’s Den. Juan focuses on music with a prominent rhythm section and playful instruments and his collection primarily consists of traditional jazz from the late 1930’s to late 1940’s that swings to high heaven. 

Brett Dahlenburg fell in love with vintage swing music shortly after he started dancing in 2007. Since then he had the pleasure of being the house DJ of Albuquerque's weekly Lindy Hop dance for over four years and has been a regular DJ at events such as Albuquerque Lindy Exchange, 505 Stomp, and the Intercollegiate Swing Battle in Denver. As a DJ, Brett focuses on music with a prominent rhythm and high danceability. Brett is also an avid Lindy Hop teacher, competitor, and occasional MC.

Bryson Daich started Djing for the Utah Lindy Hop and Blues scene. He has played at events in Sacramento, San Francsico , Denver, Seattle and more. He enjoys makng the floor move to his wide range of music.

Mike Dancel (Colorado Springs) has been teaching, DJing, and promoting swing since 1998. Mike founded Swing in the Springs  and recently co-founded Focus On Lindy.  Mike is constantly in search of new swinging jazz  tunes to keep the dance floor packed and has been a featured guest DJ at  the last 3 Denver Lindy Exchanges, Utah Lindy Exchange, and he regularly guest DJ's in Denver through out the year.

Tina Davis (Dallas) started doing the DJ thang in 2003 in the great state of Florida and now calls Texas her home, splitting time between Dallas and Austin. Tina spins a mix of styles for her Lindy, Blues and occasional West Coast sets, but it's all gotta have a little "ass" to it. In addition to spinning her fave tunes in Texas, Tina has been a featured DJ at dance exchanges and workshops across the US and Canada and hosts her own monthly Blues dance called "The Back Room". She's also been known to help organize events like the Austin Blues Party and teach at Blues Boot Camp (Dallas) in her copious free time. She also has an unhealthy devotion to the University of Florida Gators and 80's music, but don't hold that against her. You can check out SweetTProductions for more info on her exploits.

Morgan Day (Riverside) has been swing dancing since 1997, but his love for swing music began well before that. His grandparents loved "jitterbug music", and he grew up listening to big band greats like Artie Shaw and Glenn Miller. In 2003, after becoming president of the UC Riverside Swing Club, Morgan took up DJing responsibilities at the local weekly swing venue and has never stopped spinning music since. His musical taste is eclectic, playing a variety of songs that fill the dance floor, with a special interest in modern traditional jazz bands that can found at local jazz festivals.

Nathan Dias (San Francisco) is a swing dance teacher, DJ and performer in San Francisco where he puts on the weekly Cat's Corner Swing Dance Party. He DJs monthly at the 9:20 Special and is often a guest DJ at Lindy in the Park. He has also been a featured DJ multiple years at regional events including the San Francisco Lindy Exchange, Sacramento Lindy Exchange, San Luis Obispo Lindy Exchange, Boogie by the Bay and Le Hot Sauce. Nathan loves variety and mixing classic rhythms and soulful mordern recordings into his sets. His DJ philosophy is simple: make the dancer's present happy.

Chris Do (OC) Bio coming soon...

Solomon Douglas (Toronto) is a musician, bandleader, and lindy hop instructor, whose three bands (Back Pocket, the Solomon Douglas Swingtet and Corner Pocket) have been among the most popular dance bands among lindy hoppers all over North America and worldwide since 2000. His DJ style reflects his understanding of the music and the dance from the standpoints of both musician and dancer.

John Dyer (Denver) has been regularly spinning in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs. He co hosts Pearl Street Swing and Blues in Boulder (with Shana Worel), has also DJ'ed at DLX for the past 6 years, and recently at the Denver Blues Summit. Colorado is host to some of the most awesome, yet diverse dancers, and John likes to spin for them all, keeping everyone on the dance floor and having a good time.

Mark Eckstein (New York) has appeared on Broadway in Gypsy of the Year, at Carnegie Hall in An Evening With Dudley Moore, and in the 2nd national tour of The Original Broadway Swing! He has also appeared in the first and second workshops of the new hit show Swango: The Fusion. Mark is a two-time American Lindy Hop Champion, North Atlantic Dance Champion, 3-time US Open classic finalist, and Phoenix Champions of Champions invitee. Though currently immersed in musical theater, with his free time Mark still enjoys teaching lindy-hop and hip hop around the country and in his hometown of New York City at Dance Manhattan, as well as DJing at various venues in his travels.

Kyle Ellison At his core Kyle Ellison is an old-time jazz aficionado. His musical passion lies with the tunes from the mid-teens through the 1930's. However, his DJ-ing style combines the best of all music from the first half of the twentieth century. When he DJ's you'll hear a blissful mix of jazz, western-swing, rockabilly, and jug bands. Kyle prides himself in seeking out obscure musical ditties of the past and resurrecting them on today's dance floor. Prepare yourself for an exciting sojourn into America's musical past!

Natalia Eristavi originally a dancer from Orange County California, started DJing seriously when she moved to England in 2014. Since then, she has DJ’ed for many local dances as well as several sets at international Camps. Natalia has recently moved back to the OC and continues DJing at SoCal’s favorite social dances. Her DJing goals are to create a rich and fulfilling night of social dancing and keeping the floor packed!

Drew Fansler (Los Angeles) began Lindy Hopping in 1998 in his native Chicago and DJing in 2001 and has gone onto live and be involved in the Lindy Hop communities of Minneapolis and Nashville. Returning from a recent hiatus, he is excited to be venturing back into the DJ booth at LindyGroove. He has taken his DJing exploits from coast to coast to events such as DCLX, Cleveland Exchange, Music City Mini Camp, Midwest Lindyfest, Showdown, Windy City Lindy Exchange, Kansas City Lindy Exchange, Orlando Lindy Exchange, and the Binge in addition to being a fixture at University of Chicago's Java Jive, Chicago's Studio X and Fizz, and Late Night Swing at Tapestry in Minneapolis. As part of the Chicago Swing Dance Society, he art directed and helped co-produce the album Struttin' With Yoko by Yoko Noge and the Jazz Me Blues Band in 2001. Drew's foremost interest in jazz has long been the music of Kansas City. but he plays from a collection ranging from McKinney's Cotton Pickers to Oscar Peterson.

Neil Figuracion (Kansas City) was one of the first DJs in the Southern California Swing scene, spinning discs at the Hollywood Athletic Club and serving as the regular Late Night Lindy DJ at the original Memories. Always one to keep dancers on their toes, he won first place in the Best DJ competition at the Swing Kat's Ball, and is one of the perennial DJs at Camp Hollywood. He's mostly retired from playing the platters, but occasionally crawls out from under the woodwork to test drive new tunes and revive those classic favorites.

Peter Flahiff (Seattle) has been lindy hopping since 1994 and has since had the great fortune to teach and perform all over the world. With the exception of a one-year hiatus, Peter has been DJing swing venues EVERY SINGLE WEEK for TEN straight years. From the late, much-lamented days of Pointe 705 in Hermosa Beach to twice-weekly house DJ status at the amazing Atomic Ballroom in Irvine, Peter always packs the floors and moves the crowd. He has also been thrilled to DJ in Europe and across the United States at dance camps and venues. He prides himself on playing anything he feels SWINGS and does not limit his DJing to any particular style or era.

Heather Flock (New York) is an avid social dancer, award-winning choreographer, beloved instructor and popular DJ. She discovered Lindy Hop in 1999 and quickly became a leader in the Lindy Hop community. In addition to teaching the "Cram Session" every Thursday night at Yehoodi's Frim Fram Jam, she is choreographer of Coney Island Mermaid Parade’s “Winningest Group in Parade History,” the Brooklyn Bombshells, which most recently won the highly coveted ‘Judges Choice’ award. She was also a member of the renowned troupe the Big Apple Lindy Hoppers for many years. Heather likes all kinds of swinging jazz, blues and trad jazz, but does favor female vocalists and has a soft spot for Count Basie, Artie Shaw, Johnny Hodges, Cozy Cole, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman. Heather can be heard regularly at Frim Fram Jam in New York City, and has played around the country at Lindygroove, the 9:20 Special, Girl Jam and was recently the featured DJ on Yehoodi Radio.

Carl Flores (San Diego) has been dancing for nine years where his love for the music and dance of the swing era inspired him to add DJing to the mix over the last couple of years. He loves to spin tunes for his dance hometown of San Diego at various venues including the Firehouse, Lindy By The Bay and All Thing Swing. With his main goal to keep the dance floor swinging, Carl plays everything from standards to jump blues and big band. As for rumors of a wannabe crooner behind the mic, his reply was: “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

Diedier Jean Francois (Montreal) was introduced to swing 1998 he is a founder and current  president of the Swinging Air Force Entertainment Group He also runs Canada's National Swing Competition, the ECSC. 

Hurley Francois (Orlando) enjoys listening to "hot jazz" music, and those old syncopated rhythms.  He has been gradually building his collection of swing music, and likes to play whatever he thinks will keep people dancing- whether it's chunky, up-tempo, or even contemporary swing.  Some of his favorite artists include the Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Chick Webb, Django Reinhardt, Mildred Bailey, Muggsy Spanier, Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Coleman, Count Basie, Fats Waller (of course), Bob Crosby, as well as Wingy Manone.  His love for both the music and dance will make him an exciting DJ that dancers will appreciate.


Augie Freeman (Los Angeles) is originally from Texas and moved to California in 2001 when he joined the Marine Corps. During this time he stumbled upon a swing dance competition at Memories. Inspired by the music and the dance, Augie has been a swing fanatic ever since then. Augie currently teaches at Atomic Ballroom in Irvine and travels to various events across the country teaching or DJ'ing. His music collection mainly consists of vintage music from the late 1930's to the mid 1940's. As a swing DJ Augie has worked very hard to collect music for dancers that ranges in the lower, mid and faster tempos without sacrificing great rhythmic patterns and dynamic changes. He is always striving to inspire dancers and spectators alike and to bring the excitement of the big band and swing era for all levels of dancing. 

Mary Freitag (Los Angeles) began DJ'ing sweet sweet swing music in her college town of San Luis Obispo, CA. After graduating, she moved back home to LA and has been DJ'ing it up at bunches of venues in LA and dance events (both Lindy and Balboa) all over. Mary loves playing the music that inspires her to dance which consists of good old classic swing mixed with vintage blues, and gypsy jazz sprinkled on top - yummy.

David Frutos (Ventura) Along with his partner Kim Clever, are nationally known instructors, competitors and judges. They ran the famous Juke Joint on Tuesday nights at Paladinos in Reseda. As a DJ, David is known for playing a wide variety of music always geared to keep the dance floor moving. 

Christopher Gauntt has been a DJ for over a decade, specializing in social dancing within the swing, blues, and fusion scenes, but with a wide library for other styles and mix'n'match events. He was the house DJ for Do Something Blue in Los Angeles for its first year and continues to guest DJ there on occasion. He has also guest DJ'd several other venues in Los Angeles and Orange County, including the Blues room for Atomic Ballroom, the first ever Blues "Lab" at Lindy Groove, Joe's, and more. He has also guest DJ'd at international events, including the boogie woogie room at Herrang Dance Camp in '07 and the blues room at Copenhagen's first ever Lindy Exchange in '13.

George Gee (New York) celebrated his 30th year anniversary with The George Gee Swing Orchestra in 2010! One of legendary Savoy dancer Frankie Manning's favorite modern era swing big bands (featured at many of Frankei's birthday celebrations), you can always find dance diva Dawn Hampton at her regular table at the band's weekly show at SWING46 in the Big Apple. George Gee and his bands have performed for lindy hoppers all across the continental United States and abroad in both Asian and Europe, they have released six CDs and a 
a new one is due out in mid-2010, featuring the vocals of John Dokes. 
With three decades under his belt, George Gee is ready to embark on the future, continuing the tradition of big band swing music and swing dance!

Besides being an active working bandleader, George Gee has also developed a reputation as being a dance-friendly DJ of swing events, with experience in NYC at Lincoln Center's Midsummer Night Swing, The 
NY Swing Dance Society, SWING46 and at Frim Fram. Besides his NYC 
hometown, lindy hoppers have also swung to his big band recordings (that his gimmick: "All Big Bands, All The Time!") at events in Ithaca, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Seoul, Tokyo, Yokohama, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Osaka and Zurich! George is excited about his 
debut at LindyGroove and seeing all his West Coast swing friends!

Doc Mike Gentry began DJ'ing in 2000. My musical influences come from my parents and grandparents, who danced and played blues. Monk, Oscar Peterson, Wes Montgomery, Sam Cooke, and Jackie Wilson were household names in my home. My DJ'ing tastes range from Cab, Ella and Duke, through Jack McDuff and Etta James to Sam Cooke, Booker T. and even some James Brown.

Discovery Gerdes (Pittsburgh) has been dancing for over 10 years nationally, beginning in ballroom but finding his true love and passion for dancing in the lindy hop. While studying Jazz music in college, he helped develop the swing scence in his
hometown of Pittsburgh. Disco has been DJing weekly in Pittsburgh for over 2 years and has also Djed at such events as the Denver Exchange, the Pittsburgh Exchange and the Austin Swing Riot.

Michelle Giffin (OC) has been dancing lindy & blues since 2001 and djing blues events since 2006. She started Atomic Blues Lounge in Orange county in Aug of 2008 where she regularly djed with Chrissy Holt until 2012. She enjoys djing anything from traditional blues to soul and “not so standard” blues dance-able pop. If you can blues to it you may just hear it next time she djs.

Mandi Gould (Toronto) can be found just about anywhere these days. Since her last hit at Lindy Groove she has been a DJ at Seattle's Camp Jitterbug, the Vancouver Lindy Exchange, Swing City Stockholm and the St. Petersburg Swing Dance Festival. She was head DJ in Herrang for four weeks and was the selected DJ for the 2002 World Lindy Hop Championships.

Liz Henkels (San Diego) has been DJing for the last 3 years at all of San Diego's finest swing dance venues. She has been influenced by many great DJ's in the San Diego and Orange County areas. She plays music that is fun to dance to and keeps the floor full all night long. Liz looks forward to expanding her DJ repertoire and is excited to start with Lindy Groove.

Christine Hensley Christine has been passionately dancing for over 16 years everything from lindy to blues, west coast, contemporary, tango, salsa, waltz and ballet. Her favorite is the slow and sexy music that ignites an expressive fire on the dance floor. She values creativity, laughter and positivity in the world of dance. Her motto is: Choose to find beauty in everyone and let the power of dance heal your heart. She teaches and organizes the blues room at Atomic every Friday night.

Dax Hock (Los Angeles) is originally from San Diego and has been teaching, competing, DJing, and performing internationally for the past seven years.  Dax is now based in Osaka Japan. He is the 2003 US Open Swing Dance Champion, the leader of N'Back, and the founder of Mecha Kucha Swing.

Patty Holmes (Houston) has been wearing many hats in the Houston dance scene since 1998. There's the dancer hat, the organizer hat, the volunteer hat, the teacher hat, and of course the DJ hat. And she finally started those T-shirt quilts made out of T-shirts collected from all the dance events she attended all these years. Patty is excited to return to Lindygroove since her first appearance X years ago.

Chrissy Holt (OC) Chrissy Holt has been dancing lindy-hop for more than 11 years where she met her dance/teaching partner and best friend Michelle Thissen who inspired her to start dj-ing after they started their dance venue “the Blues Lounge” at Atomic Ballroom. A fan of all types of music, you will usually find a wide variety of blues styles from this dj’s digital turntables. Michelle and Chrissy run a weekly friday night blues room at Atomic Ballroom in Orange county where they teach introductory classes and play sweet sweet blues music to the early hours.

Charlie Hull (Los Angeles) Bio coming soon...

David Jacoby (New York) regularly DJs, dances, and frequents jazz clubs. For 7+ years, he was the DJ coordinator and "House DJ" for's weekly dance, The Frim Fram Jam, the most popular weekly dance in NYC. He has also DJed at countless national events – both competitions, exchanges, and workshop / camp weekends, including the Sacramento Exchange, multiple SFLXs, Oakland Swing Dance Festivals, and other California events. David has helped introduce several great jazz musicians to the Lindy Hop community through his work with Jelly Roll Productions. In 2009, David was honored to be an executive producer of the historic Frankie’s 95th Birthday Festival in NYC, personally overseeing the 15+ plus live bands.

Matt Jones (Austin) is a founding partner of Four on the Floor, the Austin, Texas dance studio which specializes in Lindy Hop and Jazz Era dances. Matt has been teaching Swing and Lindy Hop in Austin continuously since 1996. He, and his partner in Four on the Floor, Laura Malloy, have trained a large staff of teachers. Together, they run the Four on the Floor Tuesday night classes and 9:45 dance in Austin, in addition to the annual February Texas Swing Riot. Matt has been a guest instructor in San Antonio, New Orleans and Tampa, and was on staff as an associate instructor at Lindy U in 2001 and at the BeanTown mini-camp in 2002. Over the last two years, Matt has begun to deejay extensively in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Houston. He deejayed at Lindy U, the Austin Lindy Exchange (2000 and 2001), the Great Southwest Lindy Fest (2002), the Albany Lindy Exchange (2002), the Eastern Canada Swing Championships (2002), BeanTown (2002), and the 2nd Anniversary of 411 in Tampa (2002). He has also been asked to deejay at S.O.N.H., the Cleveland Lindy Exchange and the Austin Lindy Exchange. For information on Four on the Floor, please go to

Trager Jonnes (OC) Trager started DJ'ing in San Francisco in late 2000, offering the groove-centric City by the Bay some LA/OC flavor. Unfortunately, he got corrupted by the northerners, and now plays as much groove as soul and swing.

Andrew Jose discovered a love of vintage swing jazz when he started swing dancing.  A regular DJ at The Southland Strutters' Ball, Andrew focuses on finding that danceable feel that keeps everyone swinging out.  Andrew is also an active social dancer, competitor and teacher in LA, Orange County and events across the nation.

Larry Kang (New York) has been active in the lindy scene since 1998, when he was a founding partner of After a spell in Denver, he's back in New York, where he currently spins Friday nights at Connolly's. A part of the Frim Fram rotation, he's played at the Basie Centennial and a variety of NY events.

Allen Kerr (San Francisco) has been DJing since 2006, loves sharing jazz music, and hates writing DJ bios. He cut his chops DJing in DC before moving to San Francisco, where he now resides. You can find Allen DJing major swing dance events including All Balboa Weekend, Lindy Focus, and The International Lindy Hop Championships. He's also is head DJ at the 9:20 special.

Peter Kertzner discovered the Lindy Hop when he was in college, and in almost no time he was consumed by the dance and the music of the 1930's. With the opportunity to teach the dance at both UCLA and Pepperdine University, Peter's mission was to promote the Lindy Hop to college students who could fall in love with its alternative lifestyle in the way that he had. After graduating from UCLA himself, he still continues to teach there, while also traveling across the country to compete and make new friends that also share his enthusiasm for the dance. As a DJ, Peter specializes in vintage 1930's music from big bands to small rhythmic vocal groups, finding their combinations of melodies, rhythms, improvisations, and spiritedness unparalleled for dancers that are striving to phrase their movements, achieve micro-musicality, or--most importantly--have fun with their partners! Peter aims at creating set lists that inspire dancers of all levels to connect to the music and each other. Some of his favorite artists include:

Morgan Lee Kestner (Atlanta) is often seen dancing behind the dj table because everyone is dancing! She truly enjoys watching dancers play with the music and has a great sense of what the crowd is wanting. Pulling sounds from different eras, she creates a fun environment with the variety of chug, horns, syncopation, and "I need to swing out now" feeling. With ingredients in her hands, she stirs up a bowl of goodness that is bottomless throughout the evening. Morgan Dj's regularly in Atlanta, Ga and throughout the Southeast, but will be making way in Los Angeles for several months! Some of Morgan's favorite musicians are Fats Waller, Count Basie, Palmetto Bug Stompers, and Gordon Webster. Morgan seeks out to make exciting memorable moments for all dancers!

Kia Kia Jo Jo Shabadoo (Los Angeles) has been dancing since 1996 and what keeps him with it is the music. He has helped promote 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica,  Suzy Q’s, Shorty George and  Satin Ballroom in LA.

Chelsea Kirkpatrick first fell in love with Swing Dancing in a class with Jeremy Otth and Laura Keat at Camp Hollywood in 2012. She has been part of the creation and growth of the Pomona Lindy Hop community at Metro Swing where she both teaches and DJs regularly. She loves the art of djing. It is her goal to keep your dancing feet happy and your creative juices flowing. She likes to play a variety of music, from groovy/soul/boogie-type tunes to Kansas City style songs with swing choruses that make you want to swing out hard!

Nikki Klaus has played music for dancers at Camp Jitterbug in Seattle, Lindy Binge in LA, OC Lindy Exchange, Sugar Foot Stomp in Alhambra, The Rhythm is Jumpin' in Pasadena, Lindy on the Rocks in Denver, Swingin' the Colony in Atescadero, and is the favorite DJ at Tia Juana's in Irvine. Her style is simple: Nikki plays music that she wants to dance to.

Marcus Koch World of Swing

Paolo Pasta Lanna began discovering the early social jazz dances while living in California in the early 90's. When he returned to New York City, he met Janice Wilson and shortly thereafter won the Showcase Lindy Hop division at their first American Swing Dance Championships together. He later had the great fortune to dance on tour with Wynton Marsalis and The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Swing Dance America, and has appeared on numerous TV programs since from CNBC’s Great Stuff to The David Letterman Show demonstrating The Lindy. Drawing inspiration from dancers such as Frankie Manning, Dawn Hampton, Dickie Harris, all who have storied experiences from the original Ballrooms of Harlem, Paolo continues to 
explore the roots of dance and still dedicates time to hosting dance events in NY such as his Central Park Swings. Paolo has been building his collection of jazz and swing for 25 years. A solid music provider for the New York Lindy crowd for over 6 years, he began his music consultant relationship at Swing 46 from their very first opening providing them with solid standards and unique collection spanning 60 years. Paolo has been in DJ rotation at the New York Swing Dance Society and Jacks Joint since the late 1990's and has also DJ'd Frim Fram, The American Lindy Hop Championships , MidSummer Night Swing at Lincoln Center, 92nd Street Y and more. Most recently Paolo took 1st Place "Open Routine" at the 2003 New York Lindy Hop Open but don't let that fool you. He's just a Italian Paesano at heart.

Jamie Leake Bio coming soon...

Chris Lee is a Jazz Aficionado that loves music that speaks to the people! He has traveled the globe and dejayed at dance festivals. As a passionate Jazz Dancer, Chris other interest are other dance forms such Tap, Modern, Jazz, Salsa and Martial Arts. In the past 9 years he has been working as a DJ for dance clubs and Jazz festivals. In 2005 placed 2nd at the World DJ Championships in England. Chris loves to play music for dancers!

Adam Lee (New York) started down his swing path in the 2nd grade when he started playing clarinet, and his grandmother bought him his very first record, which happened to be a Benny Goodman record. Growing up as a jazz musician, the addition of Lindy Hop to his life was a natural one. Adam started dancing in 1997 just a few months before the infamous GAP ad, and was dancing five nights a week. In 2001 he moved to Beijing, China where he started the Lindy Hop scene and led a 17 piece big band. In 2010 he returned to the USA to do a Master’s degree in Music Education at NYU and teaches music and swing dance lessons in New York City. His passion is for the music of the swing era, specifically that of the Kansas City sound from the 30s.  As a DJ he focuses on merging his expertise as a musician and a dancer to bring the best, most swingin' music from the heyday of swing and beyond.

Some of his favorite tunes to spin are, but not limited to:

Jumpin' at the Woodside by the Count Basie Orchestra
Savoy by Lucky Millinder
Goofus by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
Music Makers by Harry James
Bear Cat Shuffle by Andy Kirk & Mary Lou Williams
Good Queen Bess by Duke Ellington
The Spinach Song by Julia Lee and her Boyfriends
Yacht Club Swing by Fats Waller
Groove Juice Special by Slim and Slam
Down South Camp Meeting by Benny Goodman Orchestra

Jeremy Lewis started his dancing career in the winter of 1998, although he had been a fan of jazz and swing since his teens. As of January 2003, he has taken over the role of DJ at San Francisco's well-known venue 9:20 Special.  He has DJed for several local venues in San Francisco, as well as DJing at ALX 2000, ALX 2003, SoFLeX 2003, SFLX 2001, and SFLX 2003. He has also guest DJed on Yehoodi radio. He was lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful local DJs at the beginning of his career who turned him on to great song after great song- people like Paul and Sharon, Erik Hamilton, Marc D'Olympio, and Jesse Miner.

Joe Lin (Toronto) Hailing from the east side of Canada, Joe developed his musical tastes in cities with thriving live jazz and blues scenes and has been an avid lindy hopper and blues dancer for over 10 years. He initially honed his DJ skills keeping dancers up past the rising sun at late-night house parties. He has since had the privilege of DJ'ing at numerous swing and blues venues and events in various Canadian cities.

Marlee Litzinger Bio coming soon...

Nathan Malone (Austin) has been DJing for several years. He has DJed at Lindy Gras (02' and 03'), the Houston Lindy Exchange, the San Francisco Lindy Exchange 2003, LOLX (Oklahoma Exchange), Frankie Manning's 89th Birthday cruise, and numerous venues in the Austin/San Antonio metro area. In addition, to DJing, he has served as one of the organizers for several Austin Lindy Exchanges and has held a variety of Officer positions for the Austin Swing Syndicate. He has been dancing since 1995 and owns over 3,000 CDs from a wide variety of musical genres (original CDs, not CDRs). (Bio and list as of 2003)

Kenneth Mark Kenneth Mark became obsessed with swing dancing at The Derby in 1999. After years of being enamored with “Groove Style” lindy, he found a similar passion for blues dancing in 2005. His DJ career started while hosting LA’s first weekly blues dance venue “Speakeasy Blues”.  His DJ credits also includes Do Something Blue, The Atomic Ballroom, Utah Lindy Exchange, Blue Bella, Arcadia Blues Club, The Juke, and the 24 hr Dance-a-thon. Back now in 2015 from a 5 year hiatus, he is hoping to dance long enough to see “big leg pants” come back in style on the dance floor.

Melissa Marzigliano (Long Beach, CA) never thought much about swing dancing until a friend convinced her to attend her first dance event in 2011. Then she was hooked! Now an instructor, choreographer, and DJ, she helps to run Breezy Knees in Long Beach and loves to be involved in the local dance scene. Partner communication, creativity, and laughter on the dance floor are what inspire her the most -- especially when dancing to a great song. She hopes to be able to share some of the joy that dancing has brought her, and to play soulful, swingin' music that'll inspire sillyosity, smiles, and make it so you can't help but wanna dance!

Ryan Mascaro is a music and dance dork. Ryan likes to play music for other dance dorks. He also likes to watch the girlies dance. Anyone got change for a Fitty?

Thain Maurer (Austin) loves all kinds of swing music, and prides himself on playing a wide range of music when he djs. He has been spinning since 1999, and has enjoyed djing at events, competitions, and exchanges all across the country.

Nathan McWilliams (Los Angeles) has been dancing for about 5 years, beginning with his first night out at Lindygroove. He has traveled the country to dance at events large and small while DJing at events along the way. He likes playing from a diverse catalog of swing music, but particularly, he likes music people can be goofy and playful with.

Alfredo Melendez has fantastic examples of a variety of different blues styles and artists. His own preference ranges from early R&B from the mid late forties through the fifties, Chicago blues, and vintage blues. Alfredo's non-blues repertory is quite eclectic and enjoy exploring songs that inspire the blues mood and flow.

Jeff Meyer , an avid collector of fun and inspiring dance music, has been DJing blues and swing events around the country for the past decade. Originally from Denver, CO, he has spent many years in Chicago, IL, Ann Arbor, MI, Norman, OK, and he now lives in the L.A. area.

Jesse Miner (San Francisco) is a Mpls-turned-San Francisco DJ who spins at the 9:20 special. His essential selections, in his words: "Showcase the variety of the music I most enjoy dancing to and DJing (as well as listening). They don't necessarily represent the entire range of my musical interests, but they do highlight a specific area. They each contain several songs which I enjoy dancing to and DJing.

Michael Mizgalski (Los Angeles) Has been a fixture in the So Cal Swing scene since the "Derby days" of the late 90's, and has been deejaying since there were these little round things called CD's. Co founder, along with his friend Tip West, of the legendary "traveling" swing club Swing Pit. It was at this club that many of the songs your favorite Lindy Groove deejays include on their playlist, were first played. He loves to spin all kinds of music, blues, R&B, Rock, 30's Hot Jazz, and big band swing of the 40's and 50's, and cooks it all up in a kind of "swing casserole" that will satisfy every swing dancers hunger for music that will keep them on the floor all the way till the last song.

Rob Moreland ( St. Louis, MO) has been DJing for lindy hop dancers since 2003, when he started a four year stretch DJing weekly at a local dance in Raleigh, NC.  Since then, he's DJd at local and national events across the US, including ULHS, ILHC, and Stompology. He's been the head DJ at several events, including Lindy Focus, Swing Out New Hampshire, and the Nevermore Jazz Ball. He was a member of the DJ teams at both the Basie Centennial in 2004 and Frankie 100 in 2015 and was Ryan Swift's featured guest on The Track podcast in January 2016.  Rob is known for playing a wide range of tempos and styles, with music chosen to keep the floor full and the dancers happy.

Tonya Morris (Seattle) has been djing swing & jazz music for over 5 years and enjoys djing for dancers. Tonya is currently one of the house dj's at the beautiful Century Ballroom; Seattle's premiere swing venue. Also, Tonya was recently invited to dj at the famous Paramount Theatre in Seattle. She has also dj'd in several cities including Seattle, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Melbourne and Boston. She was a favorite in the Lindy Summit dj battle, and is looking forward to djing the whole night at Lindy Groove in Pasadena, CA!

Daniel Newsome (Denver) Do not miss this visit! Dan is a very popular nationally recognized DJ that we have been try to bring to LindyGroove for years. Get a taste of the weekly music of the vibrant Denver Lindy scene.

Jackie O'Neil (San Diego) was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley and has had a love for Frank Sinatra & swing music since she was 7 years old. She moved to San Diego in 2006 & began swing dancing. There she met her husband Jeff Eldridge who encouraged her to play her music at a Lindy By The Bay. Ever since then she's been DJ-ing swing, blues & anything else that people have fun dancing to at various San Diego events and exchanges. She's well known for mixing up her sets and makin' you want to move those feet!!

lani olsen has danced everything from Hula and Flamenco, but has settled into blues as the place her dancing feet truly belong. As a dancer, she seeks to find music that will inspire other dancers to move. A life-long musician, that same passion for sound is easily reflected in her sets. She’s had the privilege of DJing for events like LA Fusion and Blues Liberation Front, and is excited to share her music with you!

Paul Overton (San Francisco) and Sharon Ashe have been teaching and performing Lindy Hop in the Bay Area and around the globe for the past eight years. In that time they have built an extremely successful swing dance program based on their unique and effective style of teaching and have toured the U.S. and Europe spreading the joy of Lindy Hop. In San Francisco Paul and Sharon regularly teach over two-hundred students per month and run one of the largest weekly dance parties in town called the 9:20 Special. They have had the good fortune to teach and perform at some of the biggest and most well respected dance camps in the world including Swing Camp Catalina, Swing Out New Hampshire, and Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden. Currently, they live happily in Oakland, California with their dogs Boyde and Pete.

Mikey Pedroza (Orange County) Started dancing in 1998 and fell in love with all things Jazz and Swing related. I used to have a collection of CDs, remember when those were popular? And even now I find a lot of music from the classic Swing/Jazz era.

Jon Perry is one of the Arizona's best swing DJ's, plays an assortment of music ranging from the sweet grooves of the Duke with Ella, to funk with Lionel Hampton, to hip hop fusion of Jurasic 5. He has attended numerous events and exchanges accross the country constantly taking notes of amazing music from some of the best DJ's around. His musical selection influences come from Peter Loggins of LA, Jesse Minor of San Francisco, Manu Smith of New York and Tom Frazier of Rochester. Phoenix dancers used to be able to groove to Jon's music every Thursday at the Bash on Ash, and he can now can be heard monthly at the Tuesday Bash on Ash and at Jitterbugz.

Nick Peterson has been lindyhopping for nearly four years. Having competed for the last three, he recently placed first in the ALHC Pacific Regional Qualifier with his partner Shannon. He currently DJs at Vegas' two local events, as well as having DJed at Tip and Mike's SwingPit, AZ's New Year's Swing Jam, The Lindy Cruise, the Desert Lindy Dance Camp, The Binge, Phoenix Exchange, and of course the Head DJ for SCX!

Abdel B Présumé (Tampa) is the man with the music, Tampa's (and arguably Florida's) leading swing DJ. He began DJing in 1999 and has become one of the nation's most popular DJs. His music collection currently spans 9 decades and over hundreds of artists. Abdel's style focuses on being a conduit between the dancers and the music, establishing connections between each of the songs that keep the dancers anticipating each new development in an evening. By maintaining both a variety and a flow of music, Abdel ensures that the dancers remain invigorated and excited, inspiring them to adapt as at the music evolves over the course of an evening. You might have heard him recently spun at Herrang 2005, ALHC 2005, Southern Bells Swing, WMNF 88.5 Radio & Lindy Focus IV.

Shaheed Qaasim (Los Angeles) Bio coming soon...

Tony Quach (Los Angeles) started DJing at Pointe 705 with Peter Flahiff who got him hooked on Jazz history and introduced him to his favorite piano player, Oscar Peterson. He has DJed at San Diego's Fire House, Café Savoy and for their 2002 New Years Exchange. Tony was an after-hours DJ at Swing Camp Catalina 2002 and is the house DJ at Lindy Groove.

Caitlyn Raines Bio coming soon...

Meeshi Ravi Anjali (San Diego) has been running the Firehouse Swing Dance, San Diego's longest running Swing venue, since 1998. His goal at the Firehouse is to make swing dancing accessible to everyone and inclusive of all swing styles (Lindy, Charleston, Balboa, West Coast and Blues). As one of the regular Firehouse DJs, his musical taste covers practically every jazz-inspired swing genre. If it's a happy, jazzy song that makes you want to jump around and dance, then he'll probably play it.

Spencer Roberts (Denver) started his swing dance adventure in Lawrence, KS winter of '99. In '01 started running the local dance, teaching and DJing Sunday night each week. In '03 he was accepted to Savannah College of Art and Design where he started and ran the local swing scene until graduating '07. After a short break he returned to teaching and DJing in Fort Collins, CO in '09 until his '11 move to Los Angeles, CA. Spencer  is constantly looking for a new songs that can get ya to shake your lindy in ways you never thought possible.

Lorenzo Rossi Bio coming soon...

Roy Rydbeck (Chicago) has been dancing Lindy Hop for 8 years and DJing for 6 years. Roy started his Lindy Hop life in San Francisco and shortly thereafter moved to Tampa where he is a founding member of the Tampa Bay Lindy Hop scene. In June of 2000 Roy moved to Chicago where he continued dancing and DJing. In June of 2005 Roy moved back to where he started dancing in San Francisco. Roy has DJed at WCLX2, WCLX3, WCLX4, WCLX5 , WCLX6. Black and Tan/02 and 05, LindyU, Fizz, StudioX and LBTL, Frim Fram, Lindy Groove, Friday Night Blues (SF),SoFlex/02 through 06, LindyGras 03 & 05, SFLX05, CLX03, and 04, and the St. Petersburg Swing Dance Festival. Roy likes to mix a variety of swinging music styles most of what he plays tends to be groove, swinging blues, Big Band, and pre-45 small jazz combo's.

Syed Sadaqathullah (Los Angeles) spins at various house parties and special events in Los Angeles. He is currently the backup DJ for salsa nights at Club Zabumba in West LA. He enjoyed DJing for dancers at 'Funky Tuesdays' in Herrang, Sweden and is excited to DJ for LindyGroove.

Jenn Salvadori (Orange County) and Justin Zillman have been dancing together since December of 1997. They are the 1999 Pacific Regional, American Lindy Hop Champions, organized the first Los Angeles/Orange County Lindy Exchange and have DJ'd across America from Hawaii to New York City.

Nate Sartain (San Diego) is one of San Diego’s favorite DJs.  He is an avid collector of early jazz, swing, western swing, and rhythm & blues. He began his DJ career back in 1998 where he was the house DJ for BeBop Burgers - a  1950’s themed restaurant.  He has Dj'ed at national dance events such as Camp Hollywood, Bal Rendezvous, San Francisco Bal Fest and more. Since then he has DJ'ed at several other events across Southern California including weddings.  You can find him spinning tunes as a guest DJ at the Firehouse, and at Corner Boogie/ Ciao Bella - where he is the resident DJ every Sunday.

Riff Saurous (Boston) has been dancing Lindy Hop for 3 1/2 years, and DJing around Boston for over three years. For the last year, he's been DJing a
weekly jazz and blues show on WMBR 88.1 FM in Cambridge (catch it online, and DJing and teaching lessons at MIT's weekly dance. He recently competed at the North Atlantic Dance Championships with the Lindy group Hopology. He enjoys playing and dancing to a wide range of music, from classic swing era recordings to modern jazz.

Stephen Sayer (Los Angeles) likes to dj what he likes to dance to, which is a lot. He began dancing in Ohio and all over the midwest in the late 90's and he was influenced by the styles of each city and scene he visited. He get into hot jazz, gypsy jazz, western swing, all kinds of blues, soul, rockabilly, doo wop and so on...

Robyn Schwartz (LA) Bio coming soon...

Gary Sharpe "I started swing dancing in 2002 in a small bar in Davis, California.  I was tall, lanky, very awkward, and not the least bit talented or trained.  For at least the first year or two, I could only dance a few songs in a row before getting dizzy and nauseous enough that I would have to sit down for several songs to recover.  I loved everything about the dance, though, and spent countless hours watching videos, practicing, taking lessons, and travelling to weekend events around the country.  Fifteen years later, and I still love to take lessons, to train, to teach, to DJ, and to share everything about the dance with anyone who will listen.  I look forward to dancing and being active in this community, one way or the other, for the rest of my life."

Andy Shih This guy started his love affair with swing music at an early age. His parents exposed him to many of the greats when he was young. He joined his high school jazz band as a pianist and played many of the songs from the swing era. And when he discovered swing dancing in the late 90s and started dancing seriously in 2003, the progression to DJ was natural. The songs that he most appreciates are the ones that make you want to swing out. So he prefers vintage songs from the 20s, 30s and 40s. Having a music and dance background gives him a unique perspective. In the meantime, he is searching for the perfect come around.

Doug Silton (Los Angeles) began swing dancing in 1992 and for the past seven years, he has been teaching, competing, and performing internationally. Doug is a two-time American Lindy Hop Champion (2001 Strictly Division and 2002 Classic Division) and is the co-founder of LindyGroove.

Matt Smiley has a little confession: He's not really a DJ, he just plays one at Lindygroove. Matt really is just a poor dance bum from Washington DC. Matt can't write whole novel-length posts on swing forums about why some music swings and why other music does not swing. Matt doesn't know anything about music theory. All Matt know is what Matt like.

Jack Smith Bio coming soon...

Mike Smith (Boston) has been a lindy hop DJ for over five years. He is one of New England's favorite DJ's and is based in Boston where he DJs at the Monday Night Practice Session and is a house DJ for Swing City. His other DJ credits include: Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden, North Atlantic Dance Championships, Swingin' New England, New England Swing Dance Championships, Yehoodi Y2, Yehoodi Y3A, Frankie Manning's 87th Birthday, and the Beantown Lindy Camp. He is also a popular late-night lindy DJ at various lindy hop exchanges around the country. Mike currently teaches Lindy.

Manu Smith (New York) has been dancing Lindy Hop for 4 years. During that time he has performed with the award-winning Lindy Hop performance troupe, The Grit Grinders, has placed 1st in Dance Pro’s Summer Hummer Jack & Jill Contest, Midsummer Night Swing Jack & Jill, NADC 2002 Pro-AM and Strictly Lindy divisions and The Swing! on Broadway dance contest. He's made Lindy Hop appearances on CBS's Good Day New York, NBC's Garth Brooks Christmas Special and PBS's Swingin' With Duke with Wynton Marsalis. Manu teaches Lindy Hop at Dance Manhattan Dance Studios in New York and many workshops around the globe including the North Atlantic Dance Championships 2002 and the Herrang Dance Camp in Sweden.  He has DJ’d many places and runs the Tuesday night “Frim Fram Jam” at the Swing46 Jazz & Supper Club in New York.  You can find his web-master-handiwork at the premier Swing and Lindy Hop website catering to the United States' "Hard-Core Hep-Cat community.

Kyle Smith (Orange County) has DJ'ed at popular LA clubs such as Suzy Q's, The Swing Pit, Memories, and Tia Juana's, as well as larger events such as The Lindy Summit, Camp Hollywood, San Francisco Lindy Exchange, and The Los Angeles Lindy Binge. Kyle enjoys spinning a large variety of music from the 1930's all the way through the present, and any where from Ambrose and his Orchestra to Jimmy Witherspoon.

Jonathan Stout (Los Angeles) Beside being the guitarist and bandleader of the Campus Five, the Rhythm Busters, and the Jonathan Stout Orchestra, Jonathan has been swing dancing since 1997, and has had the honor to learn from such original masters Freda Angela, Hal Takier, Ann Mills, and Bart Bartolo. Because of his experience as both a dancer and musician, Jonathan is uniquely suited to understand the interaction between Swing music and dance. As a DJ, Jonathan is admittedly a partisan, focusing on playing music almost entirely from the Swing-Era (or modern bands in the style) to prove that there is still amazing, floor-filling, un-hackneyed, un-played-out, real Swing music out there, and that there is no better music for Lindy Hop or Balboa. He views every DJ gig as a chance to try to convince dancers of this point the only way he knows how - by keeping the floor jumping all night with the music he loves.

Ryan Sweeney (San Francisco) has been dancing and collecting jazz music for four years. He also doesn't like talking about himself in the third person (doing so is only fun when speaking in incomplete sentences and using a zombie voice - "Want...brains!" for example), but oh well. Come on, what  would a bio about Ryan be without something totally weird like that in it? Anyway, at this point, he really doesn't have much else to say about himself, so thus endeth his bio.

Ryan Swift (Rochester) began swing dancing in 1998. He has since immersed himself in both Lindy Hop and jazz music, establishing himself as a well-regarded dancer and deejay. As a deejay, he has had the privilege of visiting places such as New York City, Denver, San Diego, & Toronto, among others. He has spun at national events such as ALHC, ULHS, the Rhythmic Arts Festival & the Basie Centennial Weekend.
He continues to express his love for Lindy Hop and its music through regular deejaying and as a member of the group Groove Juice Swing. Ryan enjoys (and spins) a wide variety of swing, jazz & blues.

Kevin Tamura (Seattle) has been a fixture in the Seattle lindy hop community as a dancer, performer and DJ since 1998. He enjoys spinning a variety of swing tunes from the 30s to contemporary jazz.

Tomo Tanaka (Brooklyn) has been djing for 5 years in and around NYC. She's dj-ed at Frim Fram, SONH, LindyGras and exchanges in Dallas Philly, Denver Montreal and even more exotic places like Hawaii, Sweden and Tokyo!

Blake Thiessen  started dancing in Orange County in 2014 and quickly became obsessed with the music. Discovering music through dances, podcasts, and slipping down the online music "rabbit hole", big band quickly became the only thing he listened to. As a DJ, he focuses on keeping dancers on the floor with lyrical and powerfully swinging tunes.

Pavel Tsinberg has been DJing and teaching Lindy and Blues all over San Diego since 2011. He has been a DJ and DJ coordinator for Friday Night Jam, a house DJ at Firehouse, as well as multiple other venues. Pavel DJs Lindy, Blues, Fusion and Balboa.

Cierra Tunquist first became interested in DJing when she was introduced to the world of dance - specifically blues. She has been DJing for the past 2 years, and started in her home scene of UC Irvine. As a previous leader and organizer of the scene, Cierra has had many opportunities to build up her library and develop her DJ style. She has DJed at a variety of venues, including house parties, weekly dance venues in OC and LA, and "Blind Folded Blues" in Herrang. Her music preferences range from traditional-old style blues to new age fusion. She is particular about the beat so you can rest assured that she will keep your booty moving all night long.

Michele Turner (Perth, Australia) has been been Lindy Hopping for 11 years and DJing for 8. Her love for swing music began well before she began dancing as her dad played in a big band  so she grew up hearing great tunes. She has been a major part of the Perth and Australian swing scene since 1999 and was a founder of the Perth Swing Dance Society has played a huge part in the running 'Hullabaloo - The Perth Lindy Exchange' for the last 7 years ( and also manages all the DJs for PSDS events and Hullabaloo.
She has DJ'd all around Australia at the major exchanges and camps since 2002, at the Frim Fram in NYC and All Balboa Detroit in 2006 and ALX in NZ.  She has a passion for 30s swing tunes and loves to see the floor pumping full of people dancing to original swing tunes from the day. She strives to inspire all levels of dancers. She says "If the Floor aint full - I'm not doing my job"

Dave Uejio (Santa Barbara) has been Lindy Hopping for 2 and a half years now, and is a regular at Lindygroove. He is the house DJ for Club Jitterbug in Santa Barbara, the areas most popular regular venue and is on the planning committee for the Santa Barbara Lindy Exchange. He spun recently at the San Diego Lindy Prom, Utah Lindy Exchange, Sacramento Lindy Exchange and the San Diego Sleepover, as well as at the Santa Barbara Exchange. He is an unabashed groover, and is best known for his bluesy swing sets.

Melissa Varriano (San Diego) has been residing in San Diego for the past 7 years and was introduced to the wonderful world of Lindy Hop in September of 1998. Since that day she has dedicated herself to traveling all over the United States and Europe taking workshops from numerous talented instructors, teaching classes in several locations, competing at various events, and dancing the nights away whenever possible. She co-organized her first exchange in the spring of 2000, Swing Break San Diego, and found a passion for event organization which lead the way to the next SD exchange, the 2001/02 San Diego New Years Exchange. In the past 2 years she co-founded with her amazing dance partner, Chance Bushman, and together they have organized various workshops and events in San Diego, including their most recent exchange, the Lindy Prom. Djing is a passion Mel found one day when a popular local venue, Lindy by the Bay, needed some tunes played. Since then she has djed at many of the other regular SD venues and entertained her largest crowd during the Lindy Prom.

Nando Velasquez is originally from NYC where he started his Lindy Hop career in 1999. He has become one of local favorites in his scene, and is among the DJ rotation at most of the major NY events and venues including Frim Fram, Swing Remix, The NYSDS, and Lincoln Center's Midsummers Night Swing. Nando had also helped develop NYC's blues scene as one of the house DJ's for "Jook Joint Shimmy Blues." Over the years, Nando has had the honor to play around the country and at exchanges in Chicago, Atlanta, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and most recently has been one of the featured DJs at SoFlex for the past two years.

Jerry Warwick (Dallas) was first attracted to swing and jazz in the mid 90’s with the personal discovery of a Diana Krall CD at a Border’s book store. Dancing started in 1998 during the fad period. Over the last 9 years my musical tastes have ranged from classic swing, Rat Pack, swingin’ blues and even the occasional Neo Swing song. My DJ musical selections are usually big and brassy with lots of vocals. I love playing fun music for the dancers. I make no pretense of being a classic lindyhop DJ. I just play fun music for dancers having fun.
I hope you enjoy my set…….Jerry “Wheresmygravy” Warwick

Anna Washenko honed her musical chops in Chicago, where she was co-founder and house DJ for 50Fifty, a monthly blues and lindy dance. She’s also been behind the decks at national events such as bluesShout, Blues Muse, Steel City Blues, Winter Blues, and Red Hot Blues & BBQ. Anna loves and spins all genres in the blues family, but she’s a real sucker for anything with piano. She’s loving her new home in Los Angeles, and is excited to be spinning at Do Something Blue and LindyGroove.

Tip West (Los Angeles) has guest DJed for Monsters of Swing in Ventura, Camp Jitterbug in Seattle, Laughlin Desert Dance Camp, The Slab at Swing Camp Catalina, 3rd Street Promenade, Canada, Virginia Beach, and San Diego. He is known for playing an eclectic mix, with everything form the early 30’s to late 50’s. His goal is to make sure all styles of dance and music preferences get their play.

Jim Wheatley (Atlanta) has been actively DJing and dancing in the Atlanta area for more than 10 years. He regularly spins at Hot Jam, Atlanta's primary weekly Lindy dance event, as well as dances sponsored by the Atlanta Swing Era Dance Association (ASEDA) and the Georgia Tech Dance Association. He has also DJed at such major events as Beantown Summer Camp, Lindy Focus, Atlanta Varsity Showdown and Swing & Soul, and at Lindy exchanges in Austin, Chicago, San Diego, Knoxville, Orlando, Charleston, St. Louis and South Florida. He was also a co-founder of the Atlanta Lindy Exchange (ATLX) in 2003–2004, and has been a part of many ATLX committees (and has DJed at every ATLX) since. Jim enjoys spinning and blending a variety of musical styles, including classic jazz, swing, blues and soul, according to the needs of the dance floor.

Rayned Wiles started dj'ing the practice dance at the Avalon Studio in Baltimore in the mid 90's. Then started a swing night with friends first at the 94th Aerosquadron in College Park MD and then at K2 Dance in Beltsville MD. Subsequently started dj'ing at weekend events, dance camps, and National competition events such as the Southwest Lindy Fest, Beantown, and the North Atlantic Swing Dance Championships. Continues to dj at local and national events. Upcoming events include Swing Fling in DC, the Harlem Jazz Festival in New York City, and Summer Hummer in Boston.

Nick Williams has been cutting a rug since '98. His love for dancing is driven by the music. Good swing music. Give him a follow, good dance floor, and great swing music and he'll be perfectly happy. "I don't consider myself a DJ as much as I do a connoisseur of great dance music." He believes that a good mix of different types of swing music will make for a great night of dancing.

Shana Worel (Boulder) started playing and listening to jazz in her early teens and was thrilled when she found a hobby that took advantage of her love of this music. She teaches several weekly lindy hop classes and DJs at the Hootenanny in Boulder, CO. She has played at several national events including: Boston Lindy Exchange, Montreal International Swing Dance Festival, Bill Cameron's New Year's Extravaganza, the San Francisco Lindy Exchange, and the Denver Lindy Exchange.

Julius Yang is perceived to know a lot about jazz. We regret to inform you that it is all book learning. He does not listen to his miniscule jazz collection nearly enough. When he DJs you and he will undertake a voyage of discovery together because he doesn't know what the hell he's playing either.

Ben Yau (Pasadena) and Sheri Kang, both started dancing during the Spring of 1998 and met (and started partnering) since the Summer of 1999. Together, they took third at the 2000 American Lindy Hop Championships (American Showcase) and fourth at the 2000 World Lindy Hop Championships. Their goal is to promote the goodwill and joy of swing dancing through both their teaching and social dancing.

Daniel Young Bio coming soon...

Kelly Young found lindy hop in 2012 and fell head over heels in love with swing music. She loves the power that music has to inspire us to swing out hard or try something new and unprecedented. 

Kalman z (Dallas) has been hitting the magic green button throughout the southwest for several years. He has been an organizer, officer and president of the Dallas Swing Dance Society and still runs their events schedule. In addition, he has DJed many different dances and exchanges throughout the country, including the Atlanta, Austin (2 years), Dallas (2 years), Houston, Philadelphia, DC, Las Vegas & New Orleans Lindy Exchanges (2 years) as well as two stints at NYC's Swing 46.

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